Entrepreneurship and innovative ideas are the basis for a successful company creation. Arlys Consulting is specialized in the consulting of innovative, growth-oriented companies in the area of Life Sciences. We provide support with a comprehensive range of services in all the phases of the development of your activities in Austria.

A thorough potential analysis including market potential, competitive analysis and evaluation of the product potential allows clarification of the situation.

The different options regarding market access are evaluated and the optimal funding strategy or reimbursement strategy in the case of medicinal drugs is developed.

The consulting services regarding the sales and distribution strategy includes the analysis of the merits and demerits of commercialization by an external partner vs. the creation of the own structure. Concrete aspects of the sales structure such as territory deployment, team sizing, and profiles required in the sales team are defined.

When it comes to the creation of a legal entity in Austria, Arlys Consulting supports you with the identification of the appropriate legal form, the definition of the necessary functions in the team as well as the profiles required. Arlys Consulting is in a position to take over operational management responsibilities on an interim basis until the Austrian management team is fully on board.

In later phases of development of your activities, we support you in the optimization of processes and fine-tuning of the organization. In this phase of structural optimization, outsourcing solutions are considered. Thus we bring the necessary efficiency and effectiveness.

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